Family and Housemaid have been Hostages by Robber at Palangka Raya,


PALANGKA RAYA, BORNEO24.COM – The robbery happened at Rajawali III Street, Bukit Tunggal Urban Village, Jekan Raya Sub-district, on Monday, November 4, 2019.
The incident happened firstly when the robber came to Irawan’s house (victim). A housemaid has been hostages by the robber and one of member of family of that house.

From the collected information, the suspect came into the house by climbing the wall and took hostage the housemaid who namely Putu. The suspect also has no qualms to threaten and injure them with a knife.

Irawan as the householder mentioned that he was not in the house when the incident happened at that time.

“I was at the store and I got the information from the neighbor that there was a robber at my house,” Irawan said.

According to witness, Herman a brother in law of Irawan, there was a fight between the robber, housemaid, and his brother in law. Because a commotion happened, housemaid shouted out and the suspect was running away.

Irawan said, “Now, Housemaid brought to the Pambelum hospital for medical treatment.”
This case was still in investigation by Palangka Raya Police.
Until this news was aired, borneo24 do not get the official information yet from the Police.