Fugitive of Drugs Arrested in front of Mosque


PULANG PISAU, BORNEO24.COM – Isnan alias Inan (44 years old) is the suspect of drugs dealer and registered as the fugitive at Police State of Pulang Pisau. He finally arrested by the Police Officers.

Head of Police Officers of Pulang Pisau, Siswo Yuwona Bima Putra Mada through police of drugs detective, Iptu Purnomo, justified the arrested of drugs dealer who registered on the list of fugitives at Police Station of Pulang Pisau.

The suspect is the villager from Sei Baru Tewu Village, Kahayan Hilir Sub-district, Pulang Pisau Regency. Purnomo said, the arrested chronology of the suspect happened on Friday, November 8, 2019. The member of the drugs’ detectives of Pulang Pisau had been done the investigation of the fugitive at that time and got the information from the people around that the suspect was the fugitive who sought by the police ll this time.

“From the information of people that can be believed, known that the suspect had been at Trans Borneo Street Km 21, Mintin Village, Kahayan Hilir Sub-district, at that time,” Purnomo told of its chronology.

Following up that information, Purnomo said that the member of the drugs’ detectives of Pulang Pisau Police went to the scene. They arrived around 21.00 o’clock after that one of the members saw the suspect who sat alone in front of the mosque. Afterward, Police Officers arrested and rummaged the suspect then they found the evidences such as one pack of small plastic clip which consists of white crystal and suspected as the drugs group 1 type of methamphetamine that wrap with another empty small plastic clip and the other stuff.

Purnomo continued, the suspect and the pieces of evidence were carrying off to Police State of Pulang Pisau for further investigation.

“Methamphetamine dealer of the suspect covered some areas like Maliku, Mintin, Sebangau Kuala and oil palm workers,” Purnomo explained.

For responsible for his action, the suspect gets Article 114 Section (1) and Article 112 Section (1) Constitution Number 35, Year 2009 about Narcotics.