Gosh! Head of Neighborhood and Widow were Being Raided


KOTAWARINGIN BARAT, BORNEO24.COM – Gimu Wiyanto (43 years old) was raided by Police Officers of Kotawarangin Barat. This man is Head of Neighborhood 11 SP3. He arrested because he was together with Feni (37 years old), a widow of two children in Feni’s house at Purbasari Village, Pangkalan Lada Sub-district, Kotawaringin Barat Regency, on Tuesday night, (5/11/2019).

When the officer asked Gimu, he said that he only visited Feni’s house without any purpose. However, Gimu and Feni already know each other since 6 months ago, and he often visited Feni at her house. Majerum Purni, the Head of officer through Mustawan Lutfi, the Investigator said that the arrested began when villager around reported that Gimu and Feni often together in Feni’s house without marital status.

Therefore, Police Officers went to the location and raided them at that house. “They cannot show the identity about marital status. The man is Head of Neighborhood and the woman is a widow,” Lutfi explained to media on Wednesday, (6/11/2019).

Lutfi mentioned that this case has been handled according to the regulations of Kotawaringin Barat Area. However, if the wife from the Head of Neighborhood wants to continue this case to the law, it was their authority.

“We only used the regulations’ area, because they are not an official couple, the wife can continue to the realm of law and report it to the police if she wants,” Lutfi mentioned.

Other than that, Head of Neighborhood shocked when he was being raided by the police officers. Although he had been raided in the room of a widow by the police, Gimu denied that they did pervert things. “I said that I only visited her, I was not doing anything,” He said.

Gimu’s statement was different from the widow, a woman from Lumajang, East Java. She confessed to the media that they already did a marital relationship. Feni mentioned, “not only in the house, we also often date in some places. We know each other for 6 months. He often visited me in my house.”