Hundreds of Young Mothers became Widows Because of Social Media


KOTAWARINGIN BARAT, BORNEO24.COM – From 603 divorce cases which handled by Religious Courts of Pangkalan Bun IB Class, the dominated were mostly about young mothers who suing for divorce to their husband. This case happened until October 2019.

Head of Religious Courts of Pangkalan Bun, Drs. Juaini SH, through the public relation, Ahmad Zuhri S.H Msy, mentioned, “It recorded, there are 603 divorce cases which handled right now, around 80% suing were divorce suing from the wife side. They have aged between 20 years old until 30 years old. That was because economic reason and there was the third person.” Monday (4/11/2019).

He explained, in the divorce trial revealed that there was a cheating factor and it came from social media use.
“The number of this case every year has improved and it did not come from Pangkalan Bun, it also came from the surrounding area and plantation company that included in Kotawaringin Barat Regency area. Therefore, Sukamara and Lamandau already have their own Religion Court.” He revealed.

Besides divorce case, Zuhri thought Religion Court also handled Sharia-based business disputes, heritage, and submission of polygamy.

“For submission of polygamy that entered in 2019 was only one submission, it was the same as last year. Of course, there are some requirements for the issuance of these polygamy permits, the most important such as there is permission from the wife and their economically were declared capable or sufficient,” He concluded.