Old Man Rides a Bicycle from Pangkoh to Palangka Raya for Meeting His Child


PULANG PISAU, BORNEO24.com – Only having a bicycle, Misman is an inhabitant from Pangkoh 6, Pandih Batu Sub-Districts , Pulang Pisau Regency. He insisted to get through for miles of a lot of roads on trans Borneo. That was for be able to meet his child at Palangka Raya City, Capital of the Province.

Through Facebook account of @Meiliana Dayrorue uploaded the struggle and the persistence of that middle aged man. Then, it was finally become a viral news and get several sympathetic comments from netizens.

“Middle aged man in this photo is Mr. Misman from Pangkoh 6 village, Pulang Pisau Regency,” as the explanation from @Meiliana Dayrorue through her private account.

Evidently, Misman from Pangkoh 6 went to the Palangka Raya City since Tuesday, October 29, 2019. in this dawn at 04.00 o’clock, and he only used his bicycle.

@Meiliana Dayrorue said that “When our guidance from Emergency Respond of Palangka Raya (ERP), @mas_latip2000 crossed the bridge of Tumbang Nusa, he met this middle aged man who escorted by students from Henda Village”.

She continued, Misman who went from his hometown to Palangka Raya want to meet his daughter, Wina (25 years old) with the last position in Temanggung Tilung Street, Palangka Raya City.

“Now, Mr. Misman is going to Palangka Raya City and for the next he will be carried to ERP, our secretariat in Big Roundabout,” she explained it.

For anyone who know that middle aged man or even know his daughter, or the family of Misman in Palangka Raya, he asked for giving information to him through this number 082237582286 or 0898789911.