Raping Junior High School Girl, Young Man from Basarang was Arrested


KAPUAS, BORNE24.COM – RI (27 years old) should be responsible for his action. Young man from Basarang Sub-district, Kapuas was arrested by Police Officers of Kapuas because he raped MH (15 years old) who a Junior High School Girl, the victim had been raped until getting 5 months pregnant.

Head of Police Officers Kapuas Tejo Yuantoro through Soni Rizky Anugrah, Criminal Detective said that RI was carrying off the victim.

The victim’s parents feel objected, then they reported it on Tuesday (23/7/2019). From the investigation result, the perpetrator had been doing a marital relationship.

“The perpetrator raped the victim as much seven times from January 2019 until the victim getting pregnant,” He said on Wednesday, (6/11/2019).

Furthermore, Soni explained that the perpetrator was charged with article 332 about criminals. “The perpetrator fetched the victim from the victim school for doing his action.” He emphasized.