Three Days Never Seen, 38 Years Old Man Found Dead


PALANGKA RAYA, BORNEO24.COM – The villagers of Mendawai II, Urban Village Palangka Raya, Jekan Raya Sub-district, Palangka Raya City were shocked. This is caused there was a corpse of a man on the bed in his house on Monday night, November 11, 2019.

Head of Police Officers Palangka Raya, Hemat Siburian, mentioned the victim has initial RB (38 years old) found by his own family.

Firstly, the witness felt suspicious because the victim never gets out to his house in a few days. When people called him there was no answer.

“Finally when we opened the door and came into the house, the victim insensible on the bed and already died,” Hemat said.

Team of Indonesia Automatic Fingerprint Identification System of Palangka Raya Police with Pahandut Police went to the victim’s house for doing investigation. Then, the victim had been evacuated to Kamboja Room, Doris Sylvanus Hospital Palangka Raya. That was for visum et repertum checked.

Until this news aired, the cause of the death of the victim is not found yet.