Whoops, The Fences on Tumbang Nusa Bridge has been Stolen


PULANG PISAU, BORNEO24.COM – Some of iron fences along the Layang Tumbang Nusa Bridge, Tumbang Nusa Village, Jabiren Raya Sub-District, Pulang Pisau Regency, had lost and broken. That was because there was an irresponsible person who stole those fences.
This case happened approximately one week. Then, those have been approved by the trader who piddles on the Layang Tumbang Nusa Bridge.

The trader explained “Yes sir, what a pity, that fences had a lot of advantages and of course it as the anticipation about the thing that we do not want to happen. Other than that, the existence of the fences except to beautify the bridge, it also for the buffer of the road users who stopped on the fringe of the bridge. So, if there are no fences, of course, it will be risky,” those explanations were agreed by the road users who accidentally through away at the bridge.

It confirmed by Sub-district head of Jabiren Raya, Agustinuah Manjin, on Sunday, November 3, 2019, she justified the lost of fences bridge and she extremely sorry about that incident.
She emphasized, “I appealed and asked that we should gather to take care of the construction product.”
Agustinuah emphasized that she thought the suspect of this case was not the people from Jabiren Raya Sub-district.

“I think the suspect or the destroyer of the fences is not our people and maybe it is the other people from another place who did it. Then, it definitely the case which I do not know yet, sir” She explained.

In a separate place, Jabiren Raya Police, Junedinoto also justified if there were fences lost and he thought that the fences which lost already broke a long time ago or there was someone who stole it.

Juned (his nickname) said, “Yes sir, those fences have lost but we do not know the exact time of that incident and it quite a long”.

Juned continued until this time he thought there was no report about the incident of broken fences or fences theft on Layang Tumbang Bridge to Jabiren Raya Police.

“We hope if there are our people who see that incident and accidentally through away that road, they can report it to our crew and surely we will follow up those reports,” he concluded.