Taking 150 Million, The Robbers were Arrested


SUKAMARA, BORNEO24.COM – Unit of Criminal Police of Sukamara successfully arrested four suspects of the theft with violence. It happened at a store in Air Dua Street, Sekuning Baru Village, Balai Riam Sub-district, Sukamara Regency, last Monday, December 16th, 2019.


The four suspects were Buriono alias Puri (42 years old), Irul Anam (37 years old), Sumahri (41 years old), and Aksen (48 years old). All of them were known from East Java.


Head of Police Officers of Sukamara AKBP Sulistiyono said that the incident began when the victim wanted to take a rest and turn off the light. Afterward, he heard there was a weird sound from the back of the door. After the door was successfully opened, the robbers immediately entered the house then pushed the victim and the victim’s husband then they hold both of the victims’ hands.


The perpetrators asked where the money and the jewelry of the victims are, and they threaten to kill and burn the victims. The victims were panic and just quite, then one of the perpetrators rummaged the house to find the money. From that incident, the victims lost as much Rp 150.000.000.


“This theft was already planned previously. The perpetrators stay overnight around the store and pretended to buy the cigarettes for monitoring the store,” he emphasized.