Preventing Violations, Customs Duty was Monitoring Coal Export


PALANGKA RAYA, BORNEO24.COM – The Office of Supervision and Service of Customs Duty Madya Type, Pabean C Pulang Pisau, at Palangka Raya, is not only monitoring illegal circulation of liquor and cigarettes. However, this institution under the Ministry of Finance also monitored the coal export activities.

It was said by Firman, the staff from Investigation and Prosecution Madya Type Pabean C Pulang Pisang, Palangka Raya on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. It was explained there were three big companies of coal in-law area of supervision and service customs duty. Before doing the exportations, the company required to submit the notification of goods exports to Customs Duty.
After finishing it, the staff or Customs Duty will check the location include the loading of the goods exports later. Not only that things, they also took the sample of coal that will be exported.

Firman accompanied by Yudha, Head of Subsidy P2 said “Before the notification of goods exports to Customs Duty was issued, we will test their sample. We will check starting from the volume, weight until the calorie of that coal. Even, we also make sure the company had been paid the royalty to the regional government.

Furthermore, Firman explained that their sides have been coordinated with Energy and Mineral Resources. That was for verifying the data of coal exports.

“We suited the export data for one year. The way to monitor coal exports from Customs Duty was through the quota that given by Province Government whether it is suit or not,” He emphasized.